We develop useful content for thought leaders and thought-leading organizations.

We do this because we believe that when an individual or an organization positions themselves as a thought leader in their space, their brand and business grows, and their mission succeeds.

Do you need that kind of support?


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We are a team of independent creatives eager to help you spread your message to the world.


We have operations in Washington, DC, and Nashville, TN, and we work with clients all over the world.

Elise Daniel

Elise Daniel

Creative Director, Partner
Elise's Bio
As creative director, Elise works to develop effective messaging and written content for our clients to resonate with their audience. She serves as our firm’s managing partner in the Washington, DC area.

Previously, Elise worked as a press secretary on Capitol Hill and as a senior writer for a non-profit. She is passionate about communicating tough issues in clear, simple ways. She lives with her husband and son in Virginia.

Elise's Education
James Madison University 2011

Bachelor in Business Administration / Economics

Minor / European Business

Elise's Skills

Generating Ideas

Creative Writing

Watching the Bachelor

Jacqueline Isaacs

Jacqueline Isaacs

Strategic Director, Partner
Jacqueline's Bio
As strategic director, Jacqueline works to craft measurable, well-researched content strategies for our clients to achieve their goals. She also serves as our firm’s managing partner in Nashville, TN.

She has wide-ranging experience in media relations for national brands and content marketing for thought leaders. She enjoys mentoring college students and adjuncting or guest-lecturing for marketing classes.

Jacqueline's Education
Johns Hopkins University 2014

Master of Business Administration / Marketing

Oral Roberts University 2010

Bachelor of Science / Government

Minor / Business Administration

Minor / Humanities

Jacqueline's skills


Project Management

Petting Dogs

Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson

Marketing Specialist
Liz's Bio
As a marketing specialist, Liz untilizes a variety of tools and platforms to coordinate marketing messages for clients. She has many years of experience in sales, marketing, and media relations, and knows how each of these disciplines complement each other.

She had managed an active Facebook page with over a million fans, and she specializes in using social media for online activism.

Liz's Education
The Master's University 2012

Bachelor of Arts / Political Science

Minor / Theology

Liz's Skills



Sharing True Crimes Stories

Jana Aplin

Jana Aplin

Copy Writer
Jana's Bio
As a copy writer, Jana crafts useful content for a wide variety of needs including blogs, case studies, articles, press releases, and more. She has experience with research, psychology, special needs children, and music. She enjoys mentoring teen girls, reading, and teaching flute lessons, and she writes from her home in Murfreesboro, TN.

Jana's Education
Middle Tennessee State University 2012

Bachelor of Science / Psychology

Minor / Mental Health Services

Minor / and Aging Studies

Jana's skills

Finding Synonyms

Playing Flute


Amber Joyce

Amber Joyce

Copy Editor
Amber's Bio
As a copy editor, Amber works with our team of writers providing editorial direction and polish to content. She has many years of experience as a detail-oriented copy editor and proofreader, reviewing written projects, proposals, websites, articles, and manuscripts with a critical approach and a keen eye.

Amber's Education
Boston University 2016

Master of Social Work

James Madison University 2011

Bachelor of Science / Health Science

Minor / Medical Spanish

Amber's skills

Fixing Typos



Angela Ort

Angela Ort

Digital Artist

Angela's Bio
As a digital artist, Angela creates custom designs that inspire and add an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to any project. She specializes in logos, illustrations, customizable prints, and print marketing collateral.

When she isn’t creating art, she works as a cardiovascular rhythm analyst for a major healthcare system.

Angela's skills


Color Theory

Saving Lives

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We partner with thought leaders and thought-leading organizations. They hire us either to develop and execute a complete content marketing strategy or to simply create a few key content pieces to compliment current projects.

We grow thought leadership by creating useful content.


We help your meaningful message reach the right people by creating content customized for your audience.

First, we provide expertise and research to develop an effective communications strategy. Next, we turn your important message into useful content that cuts through the clutter.

How do we do this? Learn more.


We help thought leaders achieve their goals.

IMG_0272They are at the helm of national not-for-profit organizations, leaders in corporate firms, and founders of small businesses.

They are in halls of power, on university campuses, and behind keyboards. They are leaders whose time is better spent mentoring their teams, meeting with stakeholders, or even outside of work investing in their family and community.

They don’t stay locked away in their office crafting content — they rely on us. Do you need that kind of support? Let’s talk.